Faked News /fakednews Faked News - Faked News Information Tue, 04 Apr 2017 17:56:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.3 Quack science study gives subjects tiny doses of vitamin D, then proclaims “Vitamin D doesn’t prevent cancer” /fakednews/2017-04-03-quack-science-study-gives-subjects-tiny-doses-of-vitamin-d-then-proclaims-vitamin-d-doesnt-prevent-cancer.html Tue, 04 Apr 2017 03:33:50 +0000 A recent study by JAMA claims that vitamin D3 and calcium supplementation do not significantly lower the risk of cancer after extended use. But read the fine print carefully! The study floods you with a lot of numbers and technical mumbo-jumbo that’s little more than fake science, hoping you gloss over the parts you don’t understand. However, a closer look at the study reveals that these “scientists” gave participants a lower dose of vitamin D3 than what is typically recommended.  They also provided a cheap source of calcium that isn’t readily bioavailable to the body. After testing more than 2,000 postmenopausal women, they had the gall to conclude that vitamin D has no statistically-impressive effects in terms of reducing the risk of cancer.

The study divided the participants into two groups. One took a placebo pill, the other received 2,000 IU/d of vitamin D3 and 1,500 mg/d of calcium. Over the course of four years, researchers recorded all incidences of cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers). It was found that around four percent of the supplement group developed a form of cancer compared to around six percent in the placebo group. That’s roughly a relative 50% increase in cancer risk among those who did not receive the vitamin D.

How much vitamin D do I really need?

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggests an average daily intake of 400 to 800 IU of vitamin D a day. However, they are quick to point out that this is only for those who receive adequate amounts of sunlight. Those who are not exposed to sunlight would need higher doses of vitamin D. In reality, wellness experts say that a dose of 8,000 to 10, 000 IU a day of the vitamin is needed — especially for people who stay indoors a lot.

Statistics on the number of people suffering from a vitamin D deficiency are conflicting. It is estimated, however, that around 42 percent of U.S. adults are vitamin D deficient, with the highest rates found among African Americans and Hispanics.

Sunlight is the main source of the vitamin. Your skin naturally synthesizes the fat-soluble vitamin when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is then processed by your liver and sends it through the body. Every cell has a receptor for vitamin D. The vitamin is responsible for several processes and is necessary for a healthy immune system and strong bones. Two forms of the vitamin can be found in one’s diet. Vitamin D2 found in mushrooms and vitamin D3 which is found in oily fish and eggs. Of the two, vitamin D3 is more potent, raising blood levels of vitamin D almost twice as much as D2. (RELATED: Top 5 reasons the USA Medical Industrial Complex does NOT want you to understand the importance of Vitamin D.)

What about the calcium used?

The study used calcium supplements comprised of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is common because it is inexpensive and convenient. Nevertheless, calcium carbonate is not readily absorbed by the body. It depends on stomach acid for absorption. This is why people who take calcium supplements are told to eat a full meal before taking the supplement. Failure to do so can lead to serious gastrointestinal issues. Taken properly or not, calcium carbonate has also been linked to several other side-effects such as bloating, constipation, or a combination of the two.

More importantly: Calcium carbonate does not provide the adequate amount of calcium needed for the body to perform properly. Doctors recommend sourcing the mineral instead through a healthy diet.

Take note that the body needs vitamin D for calcium to be absorbed. Lacking in the former would affect levels of the latter. So, let’s take a look at that study again. Participants were given a low dose of vitamin D which could affect the way their bodies absorbed the calcium — of which they were given a cheap form of. Is it any surprise then that the study showed negative results?










Politico just proved there was no Trump-Russia “collusion” to steal the election /fakednews/2017-03-28-politico-just-proved-there-was-no-trump-russia-collusion-to-steal-the-election.html Wed, 29 Mar 2017 04:19:30 +0000 On most Left-wing establishment political news sites, on any given day, readers will find no shortage of stories still advancing the Democratic narrative that the only reason their party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton, lost to a former reality TV star and billionaire real estate mogul was because Russia “hacked the election” in favor of Donald J. Trump – who, by the way, was working in collusion with the Kremlin.

For example, at this writing, Politico published a story headlined, “Nunes, White House defiant as Russia controversy deepens.” The gist of it is a) Russia “hacked the election” for Trump; and b), the House Intelligence Committee chairman, Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is the latest target of Democratic ire because he briefed the president of the United States – who stands wrongfully accused of collusion – that yes, he very much was under surveillance by former President Obama’s regime.

But at the same time Politico – likely unwittingly – was running a story that proves beyond a doubt that the Russia-Trump collusion narrative was completely fabricated by Democrats and perpetuated by their allies in the discredited establishment media. (RELATED: Talk Radio Host Mark Levin Says Obama Executing “Silent Coup” Against Trump And It Should Be Investigated.)

The detailed story, “Democrats burned by polling blind spot,” lays to rest the fake news Russia-Trump narrative in the first two paragraphs:

As they investigate the forces behind the party’s stunning losses in November, Democrats are coming to a troubling conclusion. The party didn’t just lose among rural white voters on Election Day, it may have failed to capture them in its pre-election polling as well.

Many pollsters and strategists believe that rural white voters, particularly those without college degrees, eluded the party’s polling altogether — and their absence from poll results may have been both a cause and a symptom of Donald Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton in several states.

In other words, Democratic pollsters failed to capture the essence of President Trump’s support because they didn’t bother to go where Trump supporters lived when sampling populations. The “troubling conclusion” is that Clinton lost because the Democratic Party lost voters.

This is not rocket science, though. Rural white voters were written off by the Democratic Party long ago, despite denials from liberal media, in favor of assembling a coalition of minorities and college-educated whites (hint to Democrats: Not all college-educated whites vote for your party, either). And as a result of continually being ignored and even mocked and derided by Democratic presidents, presidential candidates and elected leaders, they flocked to Trump in droves last November.

That’s why Clinton lost.

“The ethnic and racial makeup of the country has dramatically changed, but the laws with respect to affirmative action and diversity have not,” former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., and Navy Secretary under GOP President Ronald Reagan, told Fox News recently. “Clay County, Kentucky, the poorest county in America, is 94 percent white. And if you were in that county, where there’s a 40 percent poverty rate, wouldn’t you think this is reverse discrimination?”

Actually, there is no such thing as “reverse discrimination,” there is only discrimination. But Webb is right in that current federal rules and regulations – enacted via liberal policies through the years – favor all ethnicities except whites, even if the ‘need’ exists for them to be helped.

And over time, white, rural, and working class Americans, once solidly in the camp of Democrats, have been abandoned by the party of “the little guy” and labor unions. This has occurred as liberal policies governing immigration and non-assimilation have dominated most presidential administrations. Democrats looking at U.S. demographic numbers have watched as the percentage of whites in the country has fallen steadily for decades. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau forecast that, by 2020, white children will already be in the minority. By 2044, whites in general will be a minority in America.

Perhaps now you can better understand why President Obama and Democrats in general (and far too many Republicans) are all about open borders and easy citizenship: The party caters to minorities, as they realize it pads their voting base. (RELATED: Read about the DoJ sending immigration judges to 12 cities to speed deportations.)

But in one story, Politico has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the Trump-Russia narrative the Democratic Party created out of whole cloth to ‘explain’ how Clinton could possibly lose to a man they viewed as a carnival barker is complete nonsense. Party leaders know full well they lost to Trump because a former core constituency backed him instead of their candidate. Follow this story, and more like it, at WhiteHouse.news.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.





Alex Jones, Pizzagate and The Boy Who Cried Wolf /fakednews/2017-03-26-alex-jones-pizzagate-and-the-boy-who-cried-wolf.html Mon, 27 Mar 2017 01:23:21 +0000 With his widely publicized apology for hyping up the pizzagate story, Infowars’ Alex Jones just became The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

By aggressively reporting the story without sufficient supporting facts to back up his assertions, Jones just handed the real pedophiles in Washington D.C. — no matter where they lurk — an instant defense against future accusations of pedophilia (even if they’re backed by strong evidence).

“It’s all fake news,” they’ll say. “Remember the pizzagate fake news story that InfoWars pursued and then apologized for?” With a simple wave of their hand — plus the mandatory eye roll — they can now dismiss any accusations as being fake.

This is the cost of pushing a story too hard, too fast and with too few facts. With pizzagate, Alex Jones just did what the entire mainstream media has done with the “Russians hacked the election” conspiracy theory: Ran with a bunch of rumors and suspicious coincidences that were spun up to the point where they seemed to make a good story. But just like the Russiagate conspiracy, the pizzagate fiasco — regardless of whether it’s really true or not — couldn’t be supported by sufficient facts to back up InfoWars’ reporting.

That’s the mistake in all this. If he hopes to continue in the world of alternative news, Alex Jones needs to learn that he can’t just go with “gut feelings” on a story this big and this damning. You actually have to gather evidence first, then report on the evidence you have so that you can back up your reports with irrefutable facts.

Sadly, InfoWars’ pursuit of this sensationalized viral story got so far ahead of the supportable evidence that it’s obvious Alex Jones has been threatened with a sizeable lawsuit over the whole fiasco. His highly publicized public apology was clearly half-written by lawyers in the hope that it might dissuade a lawsuit that must be imminent. Perhaps the publicly apology was demanded to avoid the lawsuit entirely. Either way, it has all brought serious damage to the credibility of InfoWars, which I find frustrating because I’m a fan of people like Paul Joseph Watson, Darren McBreen and many others there who have engaged in such solid reporting year after year.

Here’s the official InfoWars apology video, which has already garnered over 250K views on YouTube alone:

Here’s an analysis of the Jones apology by David Seaman, who explains that in his view, pizzagate is still very real (video contains some profanity):

Natural News and NewsTarget never covered Pizzagate

As you ponder all this, consider the easily confirmed fact that Natural News and NewsTarget never covered pizzagate.

Ever wonder why?

Yes, I looked into it. And yes, everybody was sending me video links, URLs, tips and the latest “findings” about pizzagate. I read the Podesta emails, too, and there’s no question the guy has some sort of weird fetish about pizza, UFOs and all sorts of other topics. But I was unable to confirm any of the key pizzagate assertions as being supportable with evidence. Whether or not I believed the accusations myself, I could not support them with sufficient evidence to go public with a credible story. (And besides, I’m focused on other topics anyway, including science, nutrition and survival preparedness.)

No doubt there really are pedophilia rings in Washington D.C. — and there’s little doubt that all sorts of lawmakers and bureaucrats are sicko types who get their jollies from kiddie exploitation — but unless you really have evidence that can back you up, going public with all sorts of stories rooted in little more than accusations doesn’t really get you anywhere. (The fake news mainstream media is about to discover the exact same thing when the entire Russiagate story blows up in their faces, too, by the way…)

Sadly, InfoWars has done not just serious damage to its own reputation with all this; it has also, by extension, cast some degree of doubt across the entire independent media. The mainstream media is already running wild with stories like “Alex Jones admits InfoWars is fake news,” and it’s only a matter of time before the same accusation is used to smear even those of us who never participated in the pizzagate fiasco.

Personally, I’m glad that citizen journalists and analysts are looking into the larger issue of pedophilia, human trafficking and other heinous crimes being carried out against women and children right here in America. I hope every pedophile in the country is exposed, arrested and imprisoned, and I wonder why the media seems to whitewash pedophilia bombshells when they involve politically connected people. But suspicion alone is not evidence on a story this damning, so until stronger evidence surfaces on all this, I can’t report it as a story.

Despite this huge mistake, Alex Jones has been right far more often than he’s been wrong

Because I’ve been around the InfoWars operation as a volunteer substitute radio host — a gig that ended in 2013 — I know Jones has a strong tendency to run with a story far beyond what the evidence can support. In fairness, that’s sometimes called “analysis,” and Jones has been ahead of the curve on so many stories that he’s right far more often than he’s wrong.

The whole “CIA is spying on you through your TV” revelations now documented by Wikileaks (see “Weeping Angel”) was exposed a decade earlier by Jones, and he’s been spot on about government surveillance, collusion between Google and the NSA, rise of the robots and more. He’s gone after corruption, fraud and collusion at every level, and he’s brought many issues to light that would have otherwise stayed swept under the rug. So he deserves credit for all that.

Yet he also seems to take many stories “a bridge too far” and seems to often leap to a conclusion that has little or no support. This is even more true on the topic of child abuse, which Jones finds so abhorrent and anti-human that he often loses control over his own emotions when covering the subject. From a humanitarian point of view, that’s entirely understandable — who wouldn’t want to wring the necks of violent pedophiles who rape little boys and girls? — but from a journalism point of view, emotions can sometimes blind Jones to the lack of supportable evidence in an important story. His ability to control his emotions is going to be key to restoring his credibility, especially on the subjects of pedophilia, child trafficking and child abuse.

Alex Jones gets attacked from both sides now… it’s a no-win situation

So it’s a mixed bag with Jones: Sometimes he nails it; other times he flubs it badly. While the same might be said of all journalists, with Jones, everything is bigger and more pronounced, including all the emotions behind the reporting: outrage, fear, disgust, excitement, anger and so on. Alex Jones is essentially like a regular, patriotic American man who loves his children and whose emotional dials have been turned up to full blast. Everything with Jones and InfoWars is bigger, more intense, more emotionally charged and presented with far higher stakes.

I parted ways with InfoWars in 2013, and although I’ve defended Jones when he’s been right — such as his recent warning about the gender bender effects of atrazine — I’m also not afraid to call him out when he’s wrong. On the pizzagate story, he’s made a serious error. That doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to the pedo activity in D.C., by the way, it just means InfoWars never really had enough evidence to back it up, so running with the story was a serious tactical error. Alex Jones clearly ran this story so far out ahead of the legitimate evidence or facts that he’s now had to pull every article, video and broadcast archive that mentioned pizzagate.

The bottom line is that Jones has guts, courage and is a true patriot who loves America, but he also has a tendency to play fast and loose with the story on certain topics that trigger his own emotional reaction or that he sees as being wildly popular across mainstream culture. (For example, what was his silly fascination with Charlie Sheen for all those years? Classic Alex Jones quote: “I’m not name dropping or anything, but Charlie Sheen listens to this show…”)

If Jones doesn’t mature as a news director and start sorting out fact from fiction in a much more objective and impersonal manner, he’s going to nosedive InfoWars into the ground while doing quite a lot of damage to the rest of the independent media at the same time. For this reason alone, I hope Jones “cowboys up” to a higher standard of journalism and focuses his future efforts on reporting what’s real instead of what’s the most damningly intriguing. After all, isn’t that the very thing we all condemn the democrats for doing when it comes to Russiagate?

David Seaman says pizzagate is real, while condemning Jones for apologizing

Pizzagate analyst David Seaman is also fed up with Jones over all this and has announced he’s unsubscribing from InfoWars. Seaman says “pizzagate is real” and thinks Jones is “insincere” and selfish, acting only “to protect your business.” As you’ll see in the video below, Seaman remains convinced that the pizzagate pedo ring in Washington D.C. is quite real. “I mostly believe pizzagate is real,” he explains. “I have to unsubscribe from Alex Jones because I no longer trust him.”

So really, Jones now finds himself in an impossible position: Forced to apologize for covering pizzagate while being blasted as untrustworthy by those who remain convinced it’s all very real. From both directions, Jones has just lost a considerable degree of credibility, even among those who tend to believe his less rigorously-supported assertions that might not be well supported by legitimate evidence.

After all, the last thing you want to be in the world of independent journalism is The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Watch Seaman’s commentary on Alex Jones, below, to learn more: (profanity)

NOTE: (This video may have already been pulled, or banned, but the essence of the video is that Seaman expresses frustration with Jones for backing away from the pizzagate story.)






NYT’s “Tinfoil Hat” conspiracy theory /fakednews/2017-03-21-nyts-tinfoil-hat-conspiracy-theory.html Wed, 22 Mar 2017 04:21:06 +0000 By Robert Parry, the investigative reporter who many of the iran-contra stories for the associated press and newsweek in the 1980s originally published at Parry’s Consortious News

( Article by Robert Parry from blacklistednews.com )

There are real reasons to worry about President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, including his casual belligerence toward Iran and North Korea and his failure to rethink U.S. alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel, but The New York Times obsesses on Trump’s willingness to work with Russia.

On Saturday, the Times devoted most of its op-ed page to the Times’ favorite conspiracy theory, that Trump is Vladimir Putin’s “Manchurian candidate” though evidence continues to be lacking.

The op-ed package combined a “What to Ask About Russian Hacking” article by Louise Mensch, a former Conservative member of the British Parliament who now works for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, and a connect-the-dots graphic that when filled out shows the Kremlin sitting atop the White House. But the featured article actually revealed how flimsy and wacky the Times’ conspiracy theory is.

Usually, an investigation doesn’t begin until there is specific evidence of a crime. For instance, the investigative articles that I have written over the years have always had information from insiders about how the misconduct had occurred before a single word was published.

In the early 1990s, for the investigation that I conducted for PBS “Frontline” into the so-called “October Surprise” case – whether Ronald Reagan’s campaign colluded with Iranians and others to sabotage President Jimmy Carter’s negotiations to free 52 American hostages in 1980 – we had some two dozen people providing information about those contacts from multiple perspectives – including from the U.S., Iran, Israel and Europe – before we aired the allegations.

Read more at: blacklistednews.com

Spineless Republican sellouts sign on to fake science “climate change” statement rooted in delusion /fakednews/2017-03-21-spineless-republican-sellouts-sign-on-to-fake-science-climate-change-statement-rooted-in-delusion.html Tue, 21 Mar 2017 16:01:05 +0000 Contrary to popular belief, liberalism isn’t a philosophy that belongs solely to the Democrat Party. Indeed, the insatiable appetite for power and centralized authority exists on both sides of the political spectrum. This is true for the issue of climate change, which nearly all Democrats and several Republicans believe is caused by human activity. Environmentalists and those who believe in man-made climate change, whether they know it or not, are advocates of more government because, as they tell us, only more government can save us from our impending doom.

If you take a look at all of the proposed “solutions” to man-made climate change, almost every single one of them involves more government in one way or another. The earth is warming, they say, so the government should have more regulatory power over automobiles to ensure that they’re not emitting too much carbon dioxide. Certain light bulbs aren’t good for the environment so the government should regulate which ones in specific we are allowed to purchase. The oceans are going to rise and flood coastal cities unless the government comes in and regulates the kinds of air conditioners we have in our homes, and so on and so forth.

It has now been confirmed that seventeen Republican members of congress have hopped on board with the global warming hysteria, ten of which are in their first or second terms. On Wednesday of this week, these Republicans announced their plans to support a clear statement that outlines the threats climate change poses to our world, as well as ways to fight it.

In the “Republican Climate Resolution,” as its been dubbed by supporters, House members make the case that human beings are having an impact on the climate, and therefore we must use “our tradition of American ingenuity, innovation and exceptionalism” to deal with this threat. Fortunately, support from seventeen congressional Republicans is nowhere near the amount needed to pass the resolution.

It is hard to tell whether these man-made climate change believers, whether they’re on the left or the right, actually think that humans can affect the weather or if this is all just an excuse to expand the role of government. Truthfully, it’s most likely a combination of both. Regardless of the thought process behind it, the push to reduce the effects of human activity on the weather is not only tyrannical, but also based solely on lies and misinformation.

To date, over 31,000 American scientists have signed on to a petition that challenges the narrative of man-made climate change, 9,029 of which are Ph.D. holders. John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel, has said in the past that human activity plays a minimal role, if any, in the changing climate. (RELATED: Do 97% of scientists really agree that climate change is caused by human activity?)

As recently as a few months ago, Coleman warned that the election could have been a tipping point in favor of radical environmentalists like Al Gore if Clinton had been elected. “Al Gore may emerge from the shadows to declare victory in the ‘global warming’ debate if Hillary Clinton moves into the White House,” he said. “Yes, if that happens and the new climate regulations become the law of the land, they will be next to impossible to overturn for four to eight years.”

Furthermore, in 2013, Australia’s National Snow and Ice Data Centre found that Antarctic sea ice grew by a record amount in April of that year, from a rate of over 110,000 square kilometers each day to a total of nine million square kilometers. Common sense suggests that if the earth really were warming at an alarming rate, the sea ice would be melting, not expanding.




Propaganda: WaPo changed an immigration headline to hide the fact that illegals are on benefits paid for by Americans /fakednews/2017-03-17-propaganda-wapo-changed-an-immigration-headline-to-hide-the-fact-that-illegals-are-on-benefits-paid-for-by-americans.html Mon, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 They’re not even trying to hide their bias any more.

(Article by Marc Slavo by thedailysheeple.com )

Despite efforts by the mainstream media to convince an ever disinterested public that they are still relevant and non-partisan, a last minute headline change by the Washington Post proves just how desperate they are to maintain their big government narrative.

After running an immigration article entitled “Immigrants are now cancelling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them,” someone at the Post decided it just wasn’t impactful enough. That illegal immigrants were cancelling food stamp benefits seemed to suggest the Trump administration was acting in the interest of overworked and underpaid American taxpayers.

And we definitely don’t want to give anyone the idea that undocumented immigrants entering the country illegally are somehow putting a burden on the system. Thus, the only solution is to flip-flop the story so that it looks like President Trump and Americans who support common-sense immigration policies are putting a horrific burden on the people collecting government benefits illegally.

In response to this disastrous mistake to their own narrative, the Washington Post modified their title to ensure all of the blame was put directly at the feet of Donald Trump by updating their headline:

“Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them”

And boom, just like that they are able to mold the minds of their millions of myrmidon followers.

There’s no doubt that this report will immediately be dismissed as fake news with claims that we and others have completely made this up since a record of this no longer exists at the Washington Post.

Not to worry, there’s another screen shot that confirms the legitimacy, as noted by the following Tweet:

Must-See: Shockingly Blatant Propaganda As Washington Post Changes Immigration Headline: “Doesn’t Want You To Know Illegals Are On Benefits Paid By… You”


Read more at: thedailysheeple.com

Google to start flagging content found to be “offensive” by crybully snowflakes who are triggered by reality /fakednews/2017-03-16-google-to-start-flagging-content-found-to-be-offensive-by-crybully-snowflakes-who-are-triggered-by-reality.html Fri, 17 Mar 2017 04:12:44 +0000 You might want to hurry and read this article before Google eliminates it from the “politically correct” landscape of the internet: Google has added a new “offensive” flag that allows human quality reviewers to flag whatever content they don’t like.

Who, exactly, are these Google quality reviewers? Psychologically fragile crybully snowflakes, of course. These are the very same people who are so triggered by reality that a college recently had to remove body weight scales from the school gym because gravity was found to be intolerant.

Google says that content which may be flagged as “offensive” could include “racial slurs or extremely offensive terminology,” reports Breitbart News, a conservative website that’s considered almost the very definition of “offensive” by crybully snowflakes.

Because crybully snowflakes also consider the term “crybully snowflakes” to be offensive, this article may also be flagged, adding to Google’s ongoing campaign of deliberate censorship against Natural News and the entire independent media.

Of course, among the things that crybully snowflakes don’t find offensive, include:

  • Calls for the assassination of President Trump.
  • Malicious personal attacks against Melania Trump.
  • Open calls for extreme violence against white people due to their “white privilege.” (They deserve it, you see.)
  • Relentless personal attacks and calls for violence against Christians.
  • Calls for openly killing conservatives whose speech is not enjoyed by campus crybullies.
  • Open resistance to overthrow the federal government, now that Trump is the President.

As usual, all the insane, violent and unhinged rantings of people like Madonna and Ashley Judd will never be flagged as “offensive,” while rational, clear-headed calls for law and order by conservatives will be branded “racist” and “HATE.”

RELATED: Sign our petition to ban Google’s suppression of free speech! (70K signatures achieved, just 30K more needed)

Expanding the liberal bubble to search engines and more

Not satisfied to live in their own NYT / WashPo media bubble, the delusional Left has now decided to expand their fictional bubble of make believe reality to search engines, too, making sure that no “offensive” ideas — i.e. anything they don’t already agree with — stands any chance to appear anywhere in Google, YouTube or social media.

Thus, Google is now contributing to the intellectual lethargy of the very kind of delusional circular reasoning that typifies the philosophically devoid Left… (where nothing matters other than conformity).

I’ve fully explained the new liberal philosophy in more detail in this related article entitled, “HATRED is tolerance; conformity is diversity; consensus is fact.”

Not to be outdone in the race to self-absorbed delusion, the Ontario government is also forcing a whole new social justice ideology onto the population by “protecting” the wishy-washy “gender identities” of CHILDREN.

Watch this video to learn more… but hurry, it will soon be flagged as “offensive” because Dan Dicks is committing the ultimate sin of debating the issue with logic and reason rather than surrendering to the emotional majority of the insane masses:


Trump tax return “bombshell” BACKFIRE… Trump paid $38M in taxes in 2005… MSNBC becomes Comedy Central /fakednews/2017-03-14-trump-tax-return-bombshell-backfire-paid-38m-in-taxes-in-2005-media-panic-msnbc-comedy-central.html Wed, 15 Mar 2017 04:19:02 +0000 We interrupt our regularly scheduled health coverage to bring you this newsflash from the ongoing war on President Trump. In what’s being described as nothing less than an “epic fail” by Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, an aggressively hyped “scoop” that Maddow promised would astonish viewers turned out to be an embarrassing backfire.

It is a felony crime, by the way, to release another person’s federal tax returns without permission. The lawlessness of the act did not seem to dissuade anti-Trump activists (formerly known as “journalists”) from releasing it, however.

Far from embarrassing the President, Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return — now widely circulated across the ‘net — shows he paid $38 million in taxes on $150 million in earnings, instantly shattering the fake news narrative of the entire mainstream media which has consistently claimed “Trump paid no taxes.” (See linked sources below.)

Following the astonishing backfire of the supposed bombshell news, MSNBC was widely mocked as the new “Comedy Central,” and many internet observers wondered if the left-wing media would soon revert to its wholly-discredited Russian conspiracy theory narrative as a backup plan. As one reader commented, “Trump is always one step ahead of these @sshats. He made them look like idiots again.”

(Prediction: Left-wing “journalists” will now Photoshop the tax return to mock it up with fake numbers and release a whole new “fake news” tax return that they will claim is real…)

Rachel Maddow accidentally demonstrates how MSNBC is fake news

To the delight of all those who tire of the establishment media’s fake news assaults on the American psyche, the release of Trump’s 2005 tax return satisfyingly disproves the liberal media’s narrative that falsely claimed Trump paid no taxes whatsoever. Now, we know that narrative holds no more water than the “Russians hacked the election” fiction also being peddled by the same delusional news cartels such as the Washington Post and NYT.

“MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was widely mocked on social media Tuesday night after drawing out the revelations in what she announced as an “exclusive story” regarding Donald Trump’s tax returns,” reported Breitbart.com:

Instead of getting right to her big scoop about a 2005 Trump tax return she obtained, Maddow opened her show with a rambling 20-minute rant outlining her often tangential theories regarding Trump’s connections to Russia.

Maddow did not unveil the relevant tax documents until 23 minutes into the show, revealing that Donald Trump had made more than $150 million in income in 2005 and paid $38 million in income taxes that year.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton asserted that Donald Trump deliberately avoided releasing his tax returns in order to conceal “that he’s paid nothing in federal taxes.” This defamatory innuendo was, of course, widely repeated across the entire left-wing media, which quickly transformed Clinton’s assertion into a whole new “fact” that was blindly repeated as if it were gospel.

Now we know that assertion — and the so-called “facts” based on the assertion — were pure hogwash. Not only did Donald Trump pay $38 million in taxes in 2005, he actually paid significantly higher taxes than former president Barack Obama paid (18.7% in 2015). He also paid a higher tax rate than Comcast, which owns MSNBC and paid an average tax rate of 24% from 2008 – 2013.

At the same time, nine significant MSNBC on-camera personalities have had tax liens filed against them for failure to pay their own taxes, making a complete mockery of any attempt at tax dodging “authority” reporting at the discredited network.

Maddow was in such a rush to release the “bombshell,” she apparently failed to first find out what was in it

Perhaps more shocking than the sudden release of President Trump’s 2005 tax return is the foolishness of Rachel Maddow, a vocal Trump critic, who apparently had no idea what was in the tax return until it was released. If this sounds familiar, it should: Nancy Pelosi similarly claimed we needed to pass Obamacare in order to “find out what’s in it.”

This “black box” philosophy of legislative genius has now been sloppily embraced as a kind of “journalistic genius” at MSNBC. The new mantra of the fake news (left-wing) media is as follows: First, report the story. Then do the research and hope your story checks out.

The more informed, thinking individuals reading this analysis will note that genuine journalism takes place in precisely the reverse order: First, you do the research. Then you report the story.

But in the rush to discredit Trump, no actual journalistic investigations are needed by the mindless, fact-less media. The mere whiff of a document that might show something about Trump is more than enough to justify its ridiculous hyping to the whole world… even if its release only proves you’re a complete idiot.

Rachel Maddow is an entire fake news parade unto herself

Not only does the release of President Trump’s tax return prove that Trump has paid, at minimum, tens of millions of dollars in personal income taxes to the federal government; it also makes for yet another powerful demonstration of the fake news fakery of the left-wing media. If they ever had a desire to report real news, they would report that Donald Trump paid more taxes to the federal government than perhaps 99% of all Americans, while MSNBC’s own on-air talent has been caught avoiding paying taxes.

Once again, the entire fake news media just got caught in a really big lie. And once again, their attempts to smear and defame President Trump have backfired miserably and made them look like complete fools. It’s only fitting, of course, since they are complete fools.

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Facebook’s “fake news” crackdown is a deliberate attempt to destroy the independent media /fakednews/2017-03-12-facebooks-fake-news-crackdown-is-a-deliberate-attempt-to-destroy-the-independent-media.html Sun, 12 Mar 2017 18:10:44 +0000 In an attempt to fulfill their promise made back in December to crack down on so-called “fake news,Facebook has begun to mark content they deem unsubstantiated as “disputed.” Tech new website Recode reports that these stories will now contain a message saying that the selected article has been disputed by its fact checkers, and then subsequently link to articles by Politifact and Snopes

According to Breitbart, in order to flag a story as fake, a user must report it, or Facebook’s algorithm must detect it. The story will then be sent on to at least two fact checking sources who will investigate and determine whether the story is incorrect. If the two fact-checkers agree that the article provides false information, it will get flagged as “disputed,” and there will be a link to an article explaining why. Facebook users who try to share a disputed article are asked if they are sure they want to share it. Stories that have been labeled as disputed will also get pushed down in News Feed.

Facebook insists that articles will not receive the “disputed” label unless two fact-checkers agree, but that provides little relief once you realize who the fact checkers actually are. Most, like ABC News, are part of the establishment “fake news” media. Some are from the George Soros-backed International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). And last but certainly not least, is liberal attack dog Media Matters founded by David Brock. One must keep in mind that Media Matters continues to use its influence to directly shape the current mainstream media climate. This was further proven in a Fox News interview with former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson. (RELATED: Get all the news Google is trying to hide from you at Censored.news.)

This new labeling program will most certainly be a tool used to silence the independent media. These so-called fact checkers are not shy about their left-leaning political bias and have made it no secret that they believe information should be controlled by a small, select group of media. Meanwhile, the true perpetrators of fake news such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN will continue to be allowed to lie to the public deliberately despite being caught doing so several times.

While the new flag has currently only been rolled out in the U.S., Facebook users around the world should expect to see similar flags shortly. It has been speculated that Germany and France are most likely the next targets as both have contentious elections on the horizon.

Facebook, of course, has declined to comment on the Disputed label or future censoring initiatives.




DNA database suggests we are even more diverse than we thought /fakednews/2017-02-17-dna-database-suggests-we-are-even-more-diverse-than-we-thought.html Mon, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 You’ve probably seen the company’s advertisements for taking a DNA test to learn more about your family tree and genetic history. Well now, a new study by the popular genetic research group Ancestry.com offers some interesting insights into the ethnic makeup of the U.S. as a whole, revealing that Americans are much more diverse than many of us probably thought.

Published in the journal Nature Communications, the paper looked at DNA test results from more than 700,000 individuals who purchased kits from the Ancestry.com website, looking at where these people came from, how many generations of their families had lived in the U.S., and where they settled geographically. Using a series of network analysis techniques, scientists mapped out people’s relationships, places of residency, and migration patterns to look for commonalities and differences.

What this study revealed is that folks have immigrated to the U.S. from all over the world — which we obviously know — but more importantly, that people groups picked certain areas to live that still to this day bear pockets of ethnic diversity. People from Scandinavia, for instance, tended to migrate to the upper Midwest in states like Minnesota and Wisconsin, while people of Hispanic descent congregated in various locales throughout the Southwest.

A bulk of those whose lineages spanned multiple generations live in the Southwest and Northeast, while pockets in the way-upper Northeast, into Canada, are predominantly French-Canadian. The study was even able to pinpoint the specific areas and even counties in various European countries where people migrated from into North America, offering the world’s first in-depth analysis of how diversity has spread over the past several hundred years.

“The analysis of the data provides incredibly valuable insights into our history and the forces that continue to shape our country, beliefs, and policies,” stated Catherine Ball, Chief Science Officer at Ancestry.com and lead author of the study. “We never would have expected to see that a political boundary like the Mason Dixon Line would be a dividing line that you could see in the genetics.”

Everyone has a unique story to tell

Included throughout the study are various images of maps showing the density of various population groups throughout the U.S., as well as how many generations of these people groups have lived in a specific area. As is probably expected, much of the Eastern U.S. has higher population densities spreading over large geographical swaths, with generational lines in some cases spanning eight or nine generations. Out west, on the other hand, densities are less and generational lines are fewer.

While earlier research has looked at historical migration patterns from much further back, this genetics research by Ancestry.com is the first to look at more recent history, and specifically that of the U.S. Most people look at the U.S. as just a giant melting pot, perhaps with no specific rhyme or reason to its development. But this study proves otherwise, offering a rich look at our nation’s history that is often overlooked or ignored.

“It’s fascinating to see this map,” Eric Topol, a geneticist from the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, is quoted as saying by Gizmodo. “It really is instructive. I always thought, gosh, there’s a lot of Scandinavians in Minneapolis, and you look at this map and well, there they are.”

Images of the map Topol is referring to are available here.

“We’ve never had a map like this of North America. This is a massive data set.”

What the average American can take away from the study is that there are many of us from many different countries, and even regions of countries, that suggest we are more diverse than previously thought. The implications of this for future research in public health, as an example, are enormous.

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